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The 2023 Dodge Hornet offers the next generation of performance with its hybrid option. Charge ahead with the new Dodge Hornet R/T performance hybrid. This vehicle exerts dominance and offers 15.5-kWh of battery energy. This uses an available 7.4-kW Level II charger and you can fully charge this vehicle from home in approximately 2.5 hours with the available Qmerit weather-proof wall-mounted station. This vehicle’s rear-mounted electric motor is a high-powered and zero-emissions solution. Enjoy being a part of the PHEV lifestyle with this fast and powerful vehicle. Continue reading below to learn more about the 2023 Dodge Hornet.



Stay aware of the speed limit with available Traffic Sign Recognition. By using forward-facing cameras and navigation software, our high-tech systems work together to identify the legal speed limit on most roads that you travel on.


Using ultrasonic sensors located on the vehicle’s front bumper, our available Front Park Sensors offer distance alerts to help drivers park with confidence.



American grit and fine craftsmanship birthed the 2023 Dodge Hornet. Only top-tier materials were used to accent the sculpted silhouette of our modern take on muscle.


Savor the throaty rasp produced by the dual exhaust tips on the Hornet R/T performance hybrid. Enjoy enhanced horsepower as you blow off steam in style. For a measure of performance and distinction, add the available Track Pack for four-piston Red Brembo brake calipers and 20-inch wheels to complete the look.



The KONI (FSD) Frequency Selective Damping Suspension uses a passive spring and bypass valve system to absorb shock, helping you keep your ride smooth when the road gets unpredictable.


Depending on your driving mode of choice, the Dual-Stage Valve Suspension stiffens to minimize body roll, maximizing cornering control in Sport Mode or softening for a more comfortable ride in Normal mode.



The available Blacktop® Package makes your Hornet look like one mean S.O.B. Its stealth appearance features all blacked-out accents and monochromatic emblems.


The available Tech Pack includes an array of technology, safety and security features that help contribute to confidence out on the road.

High-Tech Meets High Performance

The 2023 Dodge Hornet is as advanced as it is aggressive. With this compact utility vehicle, you can experience high-tech and high performance. The Hornet features Traffic Sign Recognition and Intelligent Speed Assist. This feature allows you to stay aware of the speed limit by using navigation software and forward-facing cameras. The Hornet’s high-tech systems work together to identify the speed limit of the road you currently travel on. The available Intelligent Speed Assist features assistance for drivers to maintain a set speed using a programmed system. The Hornet also features Front Park Sensors offering ultrasonic sensors located on the vehicle’s front bumper. It also offers offer distance alerts to help drivers park with confidence.

Assertive Accents and the Hornet R/T’s Dual Exhaust

The 2023 Dodge Hornet has many exterior features that give every driver American grit and fine craftsmanship. Only top-tier materials have been used to accent the sculpted silhouette of this iconic vehicle. The Dodge Hornet also provides a modern take on American muscle. This vehicle is never exhausted with its throaty rasp. This throaty rasp is produced by the Hornet R/T performance hybrid’s dual exhaust system. Blow off some steam in style and enjoy this vehicle’s enhanced horsepower. You can also add the available Track Pack to this vehicle for an even more distinctive style. This adds  20-inch wheels and Red Brembo brake calipers to complete the look.

Performance Features of the 2023 Dodge Hornet

The 2023 Dodge Hornet has many updated and advanced performance features including Frequency Damping Suspension, the available Dual-Stage Valve Suspension, and Independent Macpherson Suspension. The Frequency Damping Suspension offers a bypass valve system to absorb shock and a passive spring. This helps to keep your driving experience smooth when road conditions get unpredictable. The available Dual-Stage Valve Suspension depends on your driving mode. This feature has the ability to stiffen to minimize body roll and maximize your vehicle’s cornering control when in Sport Mode. Normal Mode softens for a more comfortable driving experience.

Test Drive the 2023 Dodge Hornet at Knight Claremont in Claremont CA

The Dodge Hornet is a compact utility vehicle that gives you a spacious interior and a sporty driving experience. This vehicle is the perfect vehicle for you if you’re looking for a high-performance and technologically advanced car. It also features assertive accents that make this vehicle stand out among others. Test drive the 2023 Dodge Hornet at Knight Claremont in Claremont CA.