Become a Knight Claremont CDJR Brand Ambassador

It Takes A Mopar To Catch A Mopar

We here at Knight Claremont CDJR are looking for Brand Ambassadors who eat, sleep, and breathe car culture here in Southern California to join our family. As a local hub for enthusiasts to meet for events, to get parts, and to chat with our technicians about any mechanical issues we wanted to build a sense of community with like minded individuals.

Brand Ambassador Perks:

-Discounts On All Parts and Service
-Below Market Pricing For Most Models To Everyone In Same House
-Priority Service Drive Designation
-Prime Location At All Car Events
-Unique Clothing
-Early Access To New Product Launches
-Brand Ambassador BBQs

Apply to be a part of our family below and one of our representatives from the Brand Ambassador program will reach out to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!